Charles Bradlaugh was MP for Northampton between 1880 and 1891.

Bradlaugh, Charles (1833-1891), politician and freethinker, was born on 26 September 1833 at home at 31 Bacchus Walk, Hoxton, London, the eldest of seven children born to Charles Bradlaugh, a solicitor’s clerk, and his wife, Elizabeth Trimby, a former nursemaid.

The Society was initiated by Peter Mulligan who took on the role of Project Co-ordinator. He invited Christopher Pounds and Tony Upton to take on the roles of Secretary and Chair respectively.

The Charles Bradlaugh Society held the inaugural commemoration on Sunday 29 September 2002 (first poster). The format of the commemoration remains the same each year. First a group photograph is taken at the commencement of proceedings.

Followed by officers giving the first oration, first the Project Co-ordinator. Followed by the Secretary and the Chair tries to keep it all on track.

After which people are invited to speak about Charles Bradlaugh. We have been fortunate to have in attendance several distinguished guests over the years who have spoken with much admiration and enthusiasm for the talents and courage of Charles Bradlaugh.

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