Publicity signs to be installed.

The Society has been in discussion with both the County and Borough Councils to have two signs reading “Charles Bradlaugh MP” installed on the roundabout in Abington Square.

We are pleased to say that our proposal has been accepted and local Councillors for Castle Ward are in the process of allocating Community Fund resources.

We hope this work can be completed in time for the next commemoration, so if you should be passing the statue and see some roadworks send us a tweet. @CBradlaughSoc #Freethinker #Atheism

New Promotion Poster Released

Bradlaugh by NightNow that details are finalised for the 14th Annual Commemoration and the 2nd Annual Bradlaugh Talk both on Sunday 27th September we are pleased to release this publicity poster.

Publicity Poster 2015

This year has a new format by holding three events on the Sunday. Starting with the Bradlaugh Talk at 1:00pm, followed by the Bradlaugh Walk at 2:00pm, and finally the Commemoration at his statue at 3:00pm.

The events promise to be a stimulating and respectful tribute to the hero that is Charles Bradlaugh.

We look forward to seeing the regular contributors and hope to see and meet some new faces.

All Welcome.

Without free speech…..

Bradlaugh Forcibly Ejected

“Without free speech no search for truth is possible … no discovery of truth is useful … Better a thousand-fold abuse of free speech than the denial of free speech. The abuse dies in a day but denial stays the life of the people and entombs the race.”

Charles Bradlaugh

NOW AVAILABLE: Commemoration Video

On the cusp of a New Year the video of this year’s excellent commemoration is released to the public.

It is downloadable from here and then click  ‘Download (211.2MB)’

Click here to watch the 13th Annual Bradlaugh Commemoration

A dialogue box appears and you can either play it using your preferred media player, or save it.


If you need a video player, a free one is available here – Go to free video player.

13th Commemoration

Another lovely day brought the people of Northamptonshire out to commemorate the life and achievements of our local hero.

We were pleased to have Ray Newton from the National Secular Society in attendance who gave an update on plans for a bust of Bradlaugh to be installed in the Houses of Parliament in recognition of the huge importance of the man.

CBS archivist, Liam Howley, spoke about plans for an exhibition of Bradlaugh to be installed in the town’s museum.

There is certainly much to be positive about, slowly but surely Bradlaugh is getting the recognition he rightly deserves.

We look forward to meeting you all again next year and thank  you all for coming.



Inaugural Annual Charles Bradlaugh Talk

Wednesday 24 September 2014 saw the first Bradlaugh Talk in partnership with the Atheist, Humanist and Secular Society at the University of Northampton.

Despite a slight delay the speaker, Graham Smith, CEO of Republic, was well received and thought to be an excellent orator on the matter of democracy and republicanism.

Our Chair heard Graham speak earlier in the year and was especially keen to hear his thoughts on how the Scottish Referendum may help bring about a Republic sooner rather than later.

Thanks to Graham for his efforts in getting to Northampton, and to all those who made this event such a success and the audience for excellent questions.

Our Archivist video’d the talk and we hope to have this on the website shortly, so if you want to be notified when this is on the site and are not already a Friend of the Society then please become one by subscribing by email.

Plans are already underway for the second annual Bradlaugh Talk in 2015.

BBC Radio Northampton Interview

As part of this week’s commemoration of Charles Bradlaugh, the Society was invited to talk about his life on Radio BBC Northampton on Tuesday 23 September.

Our publicity officer, Garry Marlowe, gives another eloquent talk on the multiple achievements and personal qualities of the heroic Bradlaugh.


Click here to listen to BBC Radio Northampton Interview

Thanks to Garry for giving up his Tuesday afternoon.

[The interview is approximately 18 mins]

Interview on the Life of Charles Bradlaugh available

As we earlier mentioned we were contacted by Liam Howley and Noah Price, connected to Inspiration FM, with a view to being interviewed about the Life of Charles Bradlaugh.

The editing is now complete and we are pleased to provide the link below to the interview with Publicity Officer – Garry Marlowe.

We hope you find it interesting.

Thanks to all those who helped in this project to promote the achievements of Charles Bradlaugh.


Click here to play Garry Marlowe interview.


[The interview is approximately 90 minutes]

Inaugural Annual Charles Bradlaugh Society Talk

A lot has been happening this year, those resident in the town will have noticed that Bradlaugh’s statue has undergone a thorough cleaning and is now back to its original stone. Additionally the two flower tubs have been repainted and the light fixture has received some attention too.


Bradlaugh's recently cleaned statue is now back to its stone.

Bradlaugh’s recently cleaned statue is now back to its stone.

We were contacted this year by a radio journalist and asked to give an interview about Charles Bradlaugh and his achievements. This is now in the editing room and we hope to publish it here in the not too distant future.


Plinth back to stone July 2014

Statue Plinth back to stone. (August 2014)

Also the University of Northampton – Atheist, Humanist and Secularist Society contacted us and wanted to co-operate on promoting the work of Bradlaugh.

For a while now the officers had been deliberating the idea of presenting an annual talk on subjects pertinent to Bradlaugh’s life.

In partnership with UoN – AHSS, the Charles Bradlaugh Society is pleased to announce it will be presenting an Inaugural Annual Charles Bradlaugh Society Talk on Wednesday 24th September 2014.

Bradlaugh's Dedication Plaque.

Bradlaugh’s Dedication Plaque.

To help promote the Commemoration and Talk a new promotional poster has been designed and is now made public for the first time.

You can download it by clicking on the promotional poster link.

Download Charles Bradlaugh Society Poster 2014

We hope to see as many people at both these events and emulate the scenes once associated with Bradlaugh’s statue.

Photo of the Charles Bradlaugh Statue in days past.

Photo of the Charles Bradlaugh Statue in days past.

New Promotional Poster

If you have space at work, club, pub, mosque, church, lodge for a poster promoting the 13th Charles Bradlaugh Society annual commemoration of Charles Bradlaugh then please download this

Promo Poster

The tabs at the bottom are designed to be cut along the lines so people can tear off a tab.

We look forward to meeting up again on 28 September 2014.


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