Charles Bradlaugh Society

Commemorates the achievements of Charles Bradlaugh MP for Northampton 1880 – 1891


Charles Bradlaugh (1833-1891)

English, Father, Husband, Classical Liberal Politician, Freethinker, Atheist, Republican, 7th Dragoon Guard, Anti-Socialist, Member for India, Freemason, Malthusian, Pamphleteer, Home Rule Campaigner, Trade Unionist, Co-operator, Land Reformer was born on 26 September 1833 at home at 31 Bacchus Walk, Hoxton, London.

The eldest of seven children born to Charles Bradlaugh, a religious man who worked as a solicitor’s clerk to provide, and his wife Elizabeth Trimby a former nursemaid.


  • Statue
  • Memorial Stone

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