12th Commemoration

Blessed with a glorious day and an influx of new attendees this year’s commemoration was deemed a great tribute to an unflinching hero.

Prominent amongst the speakers honouring Bradlaugh was Barbara Smoker who was President of the National Secular Society for 25 years.

Barbara Smoker - President NSS (2013)
Barbara Smoker – President NSS (2013)

Thank you to all who attended and travelled so far to remember Charles Bradlaugh on his birthday.

Messages of appreciation for him were received from as far a field as California:

Yesterday, I've  read about Charles Bradlaugh. It was  the first time I've ever heard of him. Today, I checked the Wikipedia entry, and I am in total awe of the man, his principles, and his intrepidity. I plan to learn a lot more about him as soon as possible, but I'm delighted to have "discovered" Mr. Bradlaugh just 3 days before his birthday. 

I wish I could speak at the commemoration, but I live and work in Los Angeles, California. Could I get more info on the Society, please?  Thank you so much, and Happy 183 birthday, Mr. Bradlaugh! [Dan]

Could there be a better indication of Bradlaugh’s global impact.

We look forward to meeting you all again next year.