The Historical Association Lecture

The Northampton Branch of the Historical Association will be holding a lecture on the ‘Life of Charles Bradlaugh’.

This is being delivered by the CBS archivist Liam Howley at Northampton University on Thursday 21 April 2016.

The next lecture will be given by Liam Howley on the life of Charles Bradlaugh, from his youth in the East End to M.P for Northampton. Bradlaugh was a giant of his age, but has sadly been largely forgotten by history. His many causes such as atheism, republicanism, and birth control gave him many enemies in a strict Victorian age. His biggest battle was to serve as Northampton’s M.P – barred for his atheism, but backed by the local people. His statue serves as a reminder of his place in the history of the town. Liam Howley represents the Charles Bradlaugh Society

All Welcome.