Parliamentary Oath Research

Charles Bradlaugh is made famous in part by his court cases with Parliament (Bradlaugh v Clarke (1883) 8 App. Cas. 354) over the Parliamentary Oath.

The Society is keen to research the actual arguments put forward by Charles Bradlaugh, which on first look seem to be around the sovereignty of the people outweighs the legislation of Parliament.

To further this research a representative of the Society will be attending a British Constitution meeting on 19 November 2016 in order to engage with a suitably knowledgeable person who may be able to shed light on whether Bradlaugh and the people of Northampton were unjustly treated by his expulsion from the House, despite the limitations of the Parliamentary Oaths Act 1866.

If you are interested in joining our Chair on Saturday 19 November travelling down to Winchester to arrive for 10:30am then please use the contact page to make yourself known. The British Constitution meeting is charging £10 in advance for entry.

Space is limited.