16th Annual Commemoration

The details for this year’s 16 annual commemoration are:

At 1:00pm in the Carnegie Room of the Central Library in Abington Street Northampton we will be honoured to hear a Talk by guest speaker Andrew Withers from the Libertarian Party who will be speaking on the topic of one of Bradlaugh’s sayings

“Liberty’s chief foe is theology”

which promises to be a stimulating and enjoyable discourse.

At 2:00pm the Walk will start from outside the Guildhall in Northampton and head off towards All Saints Church and then the Market Square. This will wind its way up Abington Street to Abington Square for the finale.

At 3:00pm we will gather by Charles Bradlaugh’s statue in Abington Square Northampton to remember one of the country’s nay world’s most eminent politicians who was not afraid of controversy or putting his own personal safety at risk for his beliefs and to help others.

As a Northamptonian it is with great pleasure I invite everyone to come to Northampton on 24 September 2017 and participate in this celebration of a genuine international hero.

Tony Upton


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