Message to IAFT 7th Congress

The #CharlesBradlaughSociety has sent a message of support and friendship to the #IAFT2017

The seventh congress of the International Association of Free Thought (#IAFT) started yesterday and continues until Sunday in Paris.

See website www.internationalfreethought.op.php?rurg/spibrique148 for more details.

Salutations from fellow free thinkers in the UK.


Charles Bradlaugh is an icon for free thinkers all around the world. Not only an icon but an exemplary iconoclast.


Both physically and mentally he was a giant, being equal to other champions of liberty such as Thomas Paine.


History has produced men like Bradlaugh who courageously challenge the corruption all too commonly found in institutions such as the church, monarchies and governments.


Here in the UK, the people chose to leave the European Union as a rejection of its corruption and not as a retreat into isolation. In effect being an iconoclastic act.


Now is the time for modern day Bradlaugh’s to attack those institutions which erroneously believe they have a divine right to dictate to the people how to live.


Soon we will be reading the report from Wiltshire Chief Constable Mike Veale who has been hounded by the establishment to make him stop his investigation into the paedophile activities of former British Prime Minister Ted Heath.


The abuse of children is so institutionalised and global then we must work together, internationally, to eradicate this disease of malevolence from history.


“Truth is the daughter of time, not of authority” and the time for truth has come.


Fraternal Best wishes from here in Great Britain.