A memorable visit to Northampton by an Indian family in love with Charles Bradlaugh ideology

14 May of 2017 was a day of great pleasure for me and Ruchira.

On that day we met Mr B. Ramchandra CST Voltaire, General Secretary of Freethought Party of India & his wife Mrs Swapna Bijayini and their son Dr. Hippu Salk Kristle Nathan.

This family of admirers of Charles Bradlaugh came to Northampton to visit the Bradlaugh Statue and spend a day at the workplace of this fearless statesman who championed the cause of freethought.

They were keen to know about the Charles Bradlaugh Society and its politico-atheistic activities that have kept up the legacy of Bradlaugh, who had undertook the life mission to free mankind from the bondage of religion and blind beliefs.

In line with Bradlaugh’s advocacy on birth control, the AMOFOI couples take the oath of adhering to the norm of one-child family, which is the need of the hour for over-populated India and the World. In order to disseminate ideas on socio-political reforms, AMOFOI also organizes seminars and publishes books, booklets and thereby spread the ideas of scientific temper, secularism, and to inspire people to pick up the courage to break the barriers of caste, status and religious prejudices.

Besides, we have been campaigning for introduction of mixed member proportional representation (MMPR) system of election in place of the politically unjust first-past-the-post (FPTP) system of election, establishment of prayerless quality English medium schools throughout India and world and the opening of marriage registration Offices at the Gram Panchayat level in rural India and at the ward level in urban India for promotion of priestless love marriages and provision of safety and security of the lovers. Over and above, AMOFOI and FPI are spearheading the movement for the disarmament, establishment of World Government on the Politico-Electoral lines of Switzerland.”

Mr. CST Voltaire gifted Ruchira and me the book entitled “The Unputdownable Niriswarvadi {Atheist} British Statesman Charles Bradlaugh” which he authored with his elder son Dr JP Russell Ravan (a Psychiatric Doctor), Mr John Omprakash (President of AMOFOI), and Dr. Hippu. He informed that the book was formally released on 26th September, 2013, the 170th Birthday of Charles Bradlaugh.

Later in the evening Ruchira and I took them to the Guildhall where the first President of Indian National Congress W.C Baneraji and the second President of Indian National Congress Dadabhai Naroji addressed the electors of Charles Bradlaugh MP and they appealed to them and sought their permission and support that Bradlaugh would act as the Representative of India in the British House of Commons.

I cannot think of braver or more beautiful purpose for secular organizations like AMOFOI and FPI. On behalf of the Charles Bradlaugh Society, I am very happy to wish further growth and success for the Freethought Party of India & AMOFOI.

Chris Pounds (Secretary)

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A memorable visit to Northampton by an Indian family in love with Charles Bradlaugh ideology