XVII Annual Commemoration Details Announced

Dear Friends,

We are pleased to announce details of this year’s XVII Annual Charles Bradlaugh Commemoration.

2018 sees the 150th anniversary of Charles Bradlaugh’s first standing in a General Election to become Northampton’s Independent Member for Parliament, a seat he won in 1880.

This year is also the centenary of the ‘Representation of the People’s Act 1918’, one of many causes Charles Bradlaugh championed and wrote about in his pamphlet The Real Representation of the People

“Those who hold the reins of government entirely in their own grasp should seriously consider whether it would not be far wiser to carry such a measure now they have the ability, and while there is no hostile popular pressure, than to wait until a stormy reformation has swept them from power, and a manhood suffrage, conceded to the agitated masses to prevent a continuance of riot and revolt, has politically annihilated the classes who have hitherto usurped the entire government of the state.”

We are pleased that William Collins has agreed to speak on the topic of Universal Suffrage and how the struggle for working class men to gain the vote lead to the 1918 Act. William Collins has produced a sequence of recordings on his personal take on the history leading to the 1918 Representation of the People Act in the UK.

We are at a new venue again this year for the Bradlaugh Talk and also with a new start time of 12:00pm. The venue will be Bradlaugh Fields and Barn who have kindly agreed to allow us to use the Information Centre gratis and we ask that you purchase refreshments from the cafe which opens at 9:30am to support the venue who will be keeping the cafe open for us.

To help with organising the Bradlaugh talk we using Eventbrite for the first time to allow attendees to book free tickets and reserve a seat.

Book a Free Ticket here.

DATE: Sunday 23 September 2018

BRADLAUGH TALK: Noon at Bradlaugh Fields and Barn

BRADLAUGH COMMEMORATION: 3:00pm at Charles Bradlaugh statue in Abington Square, Northampton.