26 Days to Go

Just 26 days before the 17th Annual Charles Bradlaugh Commemoration to which you are all invited.

This year is special being 150 years since Charles Bradlaugh first stood as a candidate in the 1868 general election offering the people of Northampton the choice of electing a man who was genuinely a man of the people.

For whom should I work if not the people? Born of the people, trusted by the people. I hope to die of the people and I know of no geographic or race limitations to this word “people” ”.

Charles Bradlaugh

Such was the respect commanded by Charles Bradlaugh’s achievements both Michael Foot MP and the Rt Honourable Enoch Powell MP came to Northampton in 1968 to commemorate the 100 anniversary.

It is true that the House of Commons must be master in its own house, otherwise it is not a sovereign body. But it isn’t master except in its own house and over the House of Commons there is another master – that is the electorate, and the electorate proved it in the case of Charles Bradlaugh: it said “Well, we’ll go on electing him” and the House of Commons had to give way.”

The Right Honourable Enoch Powell.

What Enoch Powell said in 1968 is still true 50 years later, the people are masters of the House of Commons and the the people of Northampton demonstrated that by electing Charles Bradlaugh in 1880 and resisting the House of Commons treasonous efforts to thwart the will of the people by preventing him from taking his seat.