Message to the Libre Pensée Conference

Message to the Libre Pensée Conference.

Saint-Herblain (Brittany)

August 21st to August 25th 2018

Salutations to Little Britainers from Great Britainers.

To quote another of Britain’s great Parliamentarian’s –

It is true that the House of Commons must be master in its own house, otherwise it is not a sovereign body. But it isn’t master except in its own house and over the House of Commons there is another master – that is the electorate, and the electorate proved it in the case of Charles Bradlaugh: it said “Well, we’ll go on electing him” and the House of Commons had to give way.”

The Right Honourable Enoch Powell.

The sovereignty of the individual is under attack and through keeping the dynamism of Charles Bradlaugh alive and reminding people of other great individuals who admired his work and achievements the Society aims to ensure there is no diminution of individual sovereignty.

After yet another bloody Royal wedding and calls for a vote by Parliament on the Brexit deal such attempts to distract from where the real sovereignty lies and to allow a malevolence to seep into corridors of power will fail because real power lies not in corridors but in streets, shops, pubs and parks anywhere that the people go.

For whom should I work if not the people? Born of the people, trusted by the people. I hope to die of the people and I know of no geographic or race limitations to this word “people” ”.

Charles Bradlaugh

2018 marks the 150 year anniversary of Charles Bradlaugh first standing as a candidate in the general election for Northampton. It is also the 100 year anniversary of the ‘Representation of the People Act’. To celebrate both the Society is highlighting how Britain threw off centuries of oppression and are pleased that Michael Collins will be giving this year’s Bradlaugh Talk on universal suffrage.

All welcome.

The Charles Bradlaugh Society hopes the Libre Pensée conference is a great success and there are plenty of opportunities for free thought, free speech and making and renewing of friendships.

Fraternal Best wishes from here in Great Britain.

Tony Upton