17th Annual Commemoration

Another successful Charles Bradlaugh commemoration was held on Sunday 23rd September 2018 in Northampton with new and old friends in attendance and some travelling from France to pay tribute to Charles Bradlaugh.

Philippe Besson brought greetings from the ‘French Freethinkers Federation – Libre Pensee’ and welcomed the Charles Bradlaugh Society as members of the ‘International Association of Free Thought’.

His excellent speech can be watched on the Charles Bradlaugh Society Youtube here.

17th commemoration

We were most pleased to welcome Michael Collins who gave an excellent talk on how the Representation of the People act 1918 was brought about by the carnage of the First World War and the eventual acceptance of votes for working class men. There was plenty of debate afterwards about how the original Hansard records show that the number of men and women voting should be equal which is why the age for women was set at 30 until 1928. Ever since women have been the majority of voters, enjoying 90 years of greater numbers.

Next year’s 18th Annual Commemoration will be on Sunday 22nd September 2019.