1868 Anniversary Invite

Further to the reservation of a table at the Charles Bradlaugh pub for Saturday the 17th  November I would like to mention some developments and ideas regarding this event.

I met with the deputy manager of the pub on Friday evening and he was enthusiastic and very helpful. He was pleased when I mentioned we had gathered at the pub a few weeks ago after the annual commemoration and he wished that he had known this as it would have gone on their social media. He is keen to help promote the event to their many contacts and wants us to keep him updated, particularly for possible numbers. I understand that the large room upstairs is available. I believe the only expense will be our own personal meals ordered from the menu – we can pay on arrival but they would appreciate an indication of our choices in advance.

Gita Sahgal (writer and human rights activist) contacted us recently prior to the NSS’s Annual Charles Bradlaugh lecture which she gave in Manchester last month on the theme of the Hindutva (Hindu nationalism). Gita is keen to come along on the 17th – I asked her to suggest a secular campaign or individual that we could use the event to raise funds for – such as the many secularists who are imprisoned or in grave danger in many parts of the world. Gita is out of the country at the moment and has promised get back to us.

I would be happy to do a guided tour on 17th November as previously focusing on the 1868 election finishing at the statue and then on to the pub. Attendees will be invited to speak for a few minutes on the relevance of Charles Bradlaugh from 1868 to today – as they did at the 1968 centenary.

If you have any comments or suggestions please let me know by visiting the contact page


Chris Pounds

Provisional Timetable

12:00pm. Guided walk around the town of sites associated with Charles Bradlaugh.

1.30 pm Meal at the Charles Bradlaugh Public House. Website here

Writer and human rights campaigner Gita Sahgal will propose a collection on behalf secularists who are in danger or imprisoned due to their convictions.

We hope that you will be able to support this celebration

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