Save the historic Bradlaugh Hall in Lahore Pakistan which is in a desperate state of neglect.

Why is this important?

The Hall is an important part of the heritage of the Punjab.

After many years of neglect, we understand that this important global political and cultural landmark is in a state of almost complete ruin and that urgent action is now required to save this historic building.

In recent years we are told that many citizens of Lahore have called for the building to be protected, but so far sadly without success.

We are proud of our historical association with the sub-continent, and particularly with the great city of Lahore. The Charles Bradlaugh Society was set up in Northampton in 2002 to commemorate his achievements and links to the citizens of Lahore through the existence of the hall.

On behalf of the citizens of Northampton we respectfully urge you to take prompt action to help save the Bradlaugh Hall from ruin before it is too late to save this historic building.

Bradlaugh Hall, Lahore
Bradlaugh Hall, Lahore

The Charles Bradlaugh Society will send the petition: To the Chief Minister of the Punjab.

Please sign the petition and pass it onto your friends.