26 Days to Go

Just 26 days before the 17th Annual Charles Bradlaugh Commemoration to which you are all invited. This year is special being 150 years since Charles Bradlaugh first stood as a candidate in the 1868 general election offering the people of Northampton the choice of electing a man who was genuinely a man of the people. … More 26 Days to Go

No Sacred Cows…

No Sacred Cows was the point made by our guest speaker Andrew Withers at the annual Bradlaugh Talk. The problem of ‘Statism’ which has bloated institutions such as the NHS would have been an anathema to Bradlaugh. The Libertarian Party see themselves as the direct descendants of the Liberal Party that Bradlaugh belonged to, a … More No Sacred Cows…

Talk on Bradlaugh Tomorrow

Rather short notice, however we are pleased that Chris Pounds will be giving his excellent talk on: ‘Charles Bradlaugh: The Member for Northampton and India.’ again to Brixworth History Society at the Village Hall, Holcott Road, Brixworth. Village Hall website : http://www.brixworthvillagehall.co.uk The Hall is situated on the Holcot Road, near the village centre. Click … More Talk on Bradlaugh Tomorrow

125 years

30 January 2016 will be the 125th Anniversary of Bradlaugh’s death. Many of the campaigns upon which Bradlaugh worked so tirelessly are still unfinished. Some progress is being made fortunately: Atheism must be taught as part of religious education lessons in British schools, the High Court has ruled. But on other issues such as universal … More 125 years

Without free speech…..

“Without free speech no search for truth is possible … no discovery of truth is useful … Better a thousand-fold abuse of free speech than the denial of free speech. The abuse dies in a day but denial stays the life of the people and entombs the race.” Charles Bradlaugh

Interview on the Life of Charles Bradlaugh available

As we earlier mentioned we were contacted by Liam Howley and Noah Price, connected to Inspiration FM, with a view to being interviewed about the Life of Charles Bradlaugh. The editing is now complete and we are pleased to provide the link below to the interview with Publicity Officer – Garry Marlowe. We hope you … More Interview on the Life of Charles Bradlaugh available

R. I. P.

Nelson Mandela 18 July 1918 – 5 December 2013