Manhood Suffrage

“Those who hold the reins of government entirely in their own grasp should seriously consider whether it would not be far wiser to carry such a measure now they have the ability, and while there is no hostile popular pressure, than to wait until a stormy reformation has swept them from power, and a manhood … More Manhood Suffrage

A memorable visit to Northampton by an Indian family in love with Charles Bradlaugh ideology

14 May of 2017 was a day of great pleasure for me and Ruchira. On that day we met Mr B. Ramchandra CST Voltaire, General Secretary of Freethought Party of India & his wife Mrs Swapna Bijayini and their son Dr. Hippu Salk Kristle Nathan. This family of admirers of Charles Bradlaugh came to Northampton … More A memorable visit to Northampton by an Indian family in love with Charles Bradlaugh ideology

Next Talk

The CBS has been asked to provide a speaker to ‘East Haddon History Society’ and we have been pleased to accept. Our Secretary Chris Pounds will be fulfilling the engagement on 18 January 2018. Full details can be found on the East Haddon History Society website. All Welcome.

No Sacred Cows…

No Sacred Cows was the point made by our guest speaker Andrew Withers at the annual Bradlaugh Talk. The problem of ‘Statism’ which has bloated institutions such as the NHS would have been an anathema to Bradlaugh. The Libertarian Party see themselves as the direct descendants of the Liberal Party that Bradlaugh belonged to, a … More No Sacred Cows…

Message to IAFT 7th Congress

The #CharlesBradlaughSociety has sent a message of support and friendship to the #IAFT2017 The seventh congress of the International Association of Free Thought (#IAFT) started yesterday and continues until Sunday in Paris. See website www.internationalfreethought.op.php?rurg/spibrique148 for more details. Salutations from fellow free thinkers in the UK.   Charles Bradlaugh is an icon for free thinkers all … More Message to IAFT 7th Congress

7 Days to Go

Just 7 days to go the the 16th Annual Commemoration. We’re looking forward to seeing as many people attend as last year and the talk by Andrew Withers at 1:00pm in the Carnegie Room at the Central Library in Northampton. ALL WELCOME