Following the Annual Talk we go on a Walk around the town centre of Northampton to highlight the significant local landmarks that are associated with Charles Bradlaugh, for example, the Market Square scene of the Bradlaugh Riot where on 6 October 1874 7,000 people of Northampton rioted in support of their Radical MP.

2024 will the 150th anniversary of the people demonstrating the strength of their support for Bradlaugh.

Quote from The British Museum/BBC ‘History of the World’ website:

The people of Northampton have been known to challenge authority. This cobble was torn up from the Market Square on the evening of 6 October 1874 as 7000 people fought police. This had followed a parliamentary election campaign by Charles Bradlaugh. Bradlaugh was a reformer and atheist who later successfully campaigned that those of no faith should have the right to hold public office or give evidence in trials without having to give a religious oath.

Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/ahistoryoftheworld/objects/j95ZJ1jcTxePoHcqVyeTCg